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GBM LLC Facility GBM LLC is the manufacturer of the "Affordable Line", a full line of maple syrup equipment in Holcombe, Wisconsin, USA. The Grape family, being 4th and 5th generation syrup producers, formulated this company to help producers manufacture maple products at reasonable costs, allowing for both new and experienced producers to receive a greater return on their maple producing investment.

"The Affordable Line" is the brand name of all maple equipment manufactured and distributed by GBM. Our equipment line is focused on supporting both small and large maple producers by manufacturing affordable, quality equipment. All equipment manufactured by the company incorporates high quality, long lasting designs that meet both state and federal food processing equipment requirements, including fully soldered and welded lead-free systems, high fuel efficency, and optional automated controls. We at GBM also offer optional professional installation teams, and dealer finance programs.

GBM is one of the few, if not the last, maple equipment repair and custom manufacturing facilities in the US. In most cases, we're able to repair or replicate most all maple equipment with the same quality and dependability of all major brands, thus helping increase equipment lifecycles and producer productivity. We currently service Waterloo, Small Brothers, Leader, Dominion Grimm, as well as most others. If you need something designed or custom built, give GBM a call and let us manufacture it to meet your specifications at an affordable cost.

We would like to thank you for visiting our web site and invite you to contact us with your comments, questions, or requests.

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